Advertising in Supermarkets

 There are several different types of supermarket advertising that supermarkets use in-store including digital and print these include:

  • Welcome center, which is placed often near the exit and entrance of the supermarket. It distributes complimentary trolley wipes and distributes weekly circular with having up to 7 square feet of advertising offers.
  • Advertising with shopping trolleys, on each side of the baby seat in a shopping trolley are advertisements that a customer continues to see throughout the whole duration of the customers shopping trip.
  • Marketing information often located on the exit or entrance provides the advertising on a large scale using up to 16 feet of space to deliver the specific message intended for the customer.
  • The ad bench, these are found outside the entrance or across from each checkout aisle. These are a classic media format that provide the customers with the advertiser’s message on large, eye catching banners.
  • Receipts, here you will find different advertisements located on the back side of your docket. Most times the advertisements will appear in the form of a coupon or discount code.
  • Shelf displays, advertisements that are found to promote new deals or to promote a certain item on the shelves. Most companies use metal display stands for their product displays as these have proved to be more sturdy.
  • Graphics on walls and floors, most supermarket flooring will consist of some sort of advertisement most often being a promotion the store might be holding.

In-store radio advertising is a good way to reach shoppers. There will be an in-store network radio that will deliver the message intended to the shoppers through radio programming. The ad will reach every shopper in the store at that time.

Supermarkets allow us to see digital screens that are smartly placed in high-traffic parts in the store so the message reaches the consumers directly often at check-outs where customers are waiting and tend to hold their attention to a screen while waiting.

Broadcast products and print displays allow each advertiser’s message to follow the customer around the store to ensure maximum exposure. Advertising in a supermarket is an effective tool when it comes to marketing a brand. By combining a variety of platforms and campaigns can join certain strategies in order to create a marketing plan that can reach the intended audience to build the goal with them of increase sales.

There are products that are able to make the largest profit margin, and these are normally placed at customers eye level. You will need to look higher or down lower in more hideaway spots for the bargains.

Aisle ends is where the most profitable products are found and the manufacturers of that brand pay to have their product put in the particular spot. These spots are also aimed at bringing people further down the aisle. Another good way to lure shoppers to buy is to place lollies, chocolates and magazines right near the checkout. You will find mothers buying chocolates and lollies for their children who are tired and bored of waiting to be served.

Another good method is to present the fruit and vegetables right near the entrance which gives off the illusion of a healthy image and helps give the appearance of a marketplace which encourages people to shop longer.