How To Do Digital Marketing For an Art Website

Market your art online

What is the first step in becoming an artist? It is very simple: pick up a pen or pencil and create your artwork on paper, canvas or on a digital tablet. The artist gets to choose the medium.

Creating artwork is not all.

The next few steps are the harder ones. Artists also feel that art is not for everyone to understand. Since we all are different individuals with very different perspectives, we tend to see things differently. The audiences might not be able to comprehend the thought process behind creating a certain piece of art. They might understand only a part of it or none of it.

Many artists shy away from showcasing their artwork to the public eye from the fear of being criticized. And even if artists do decide to put across their work online they are at a loss as to where to start, what to do, how to reach out to the audience, etc. It is often helpful when a fellow artist who has faced similar challenges shares a few tips or words of wisdom.

If you are a budding artist who’s wondering how to promote your website or blog, there’s no need to worry. This article is the rescue to all your woes! These digital marketing strategies would help you convert your passion for art into a career.


The best way to put yourself out there is to tell people who you are and what you do. Start with your friends and family. The more people you tell, the faster you’ll let everyone know about your artistic side. Word of mouth is often a very effective strategy to introduce yourself and your brand.


It is very important to interact with the world out there. Social media is a great place to meet like-minded people. More importantly, it is where your artwork will get the most exposure. If you aren’t on social media, get on with it! Put your artwork on display for people to see and appreciate. Interacting with fellow artists also give you a fair idea about the level of competition that awaits you. If you need some inspiration, look at art hotels or boutique hotels in Hobart. There are some great examples of artsy businesses that still make a great profit.

Look at art hotels for inspiration


Merely creating artwork and posting it on social media doesn’t get the job done. People often want to know what motivates their favourite artists. They often want to know the person behind the artwork. Try to give creative captions to your artwork. Art is a form of expression in itself. By giving words to your artwork and sharing your story behind it, you will allow the audience to connect with you on a personal level.  


Publish your own newsletter periodically; once a month or a few times a year. It is a good way to stay in contact with your followers and friends and tell them what you’re up to. You can also employ newsletters to announce recent or upcoming projects and workshops.


The primary focus should be on building the brand. The marketing bit comes in much later. Your brand is not just about the logo. It helps build the trust factor if you add pictures of yourself on your website and other social media handles along with a catchy description.


Social media helps you know what is trending and what is not. It is not easy paying your bills by selling art (you can read about funding here). But you can use social media to your advantage by learning about the styles of artwork. An artist is often comfortable making a certain type of art. If you’re struggling to get by, you can try to get a hotel job or restaurant job on the side.

But it never hurts to learn something new. Remember: trends are your new friends now! So, this was how to do digital marketing for your website. Get started today and get more leads!