Employment in the Service Industry

alcohol bar cafe waitress

The service industry is one of the most beneficial sectors throughout the globe. The industry is constantly growing and as more people invest and it grows, more job opportunities are made available. There are a lot of job opportunities in the service industry which many job seekers can easily qualify for and there’s always the availability of a range of jobs. The industry is growing at a high pace so there’s the constant need for several vacant and new spaces to be filled.

The service industry is a great employment source and some of the jobs that are made available don’t need specific qualifications. Some of the available job opportunities in the service industry include:

Flight Attendant

One job you can get in the service industry is as a flight attendant. Most people think it’s quite easy being a flight attendant because of how glamorous it is portrayed. Flight attendants don’t always have it easy on their sides as they have to follow strict requirements all the time, deal with any sudden incident mid-air and attend to passengers who can be very stressful at times. The steward or stewardess needs to always maintain their composure in every situation.


One extremely popular job in the service industry is as a waiter or waitress. There are so many cafes, restaurants and hotels that are always looking for staff. The responsibilities of this role include providing great customer service, taking orders, serving food and beverages to customers and general cleaning. Hospitality jobs are great because people of all ages can do it and it can be at very casual cafes right through to classy, expensive establishments. There are even opportunities to work at luxury wedding venues where there is usually an ample hourly rate.

Travel Agent

A travel agent organises trips for clients whether it is for business or pleasure. People are constantly traveling all over the world and a travel agent can make the process a lot more seamless and stress-free. It can also be extremely satisfying if it is a once in a lifetime traveling experience. One of the best things about being a travel agent is that you also get to travel a lot to get familiar with what you sell to your clients.

Fitness Instructor

The best thing about being a fitness instructor is that you can choose to work independently or work within a business. You can work in various establishments like gyms, studios, independent studios and even go right to the home of your clients. One way of getting more clients is by working in a hotel. You can get to teach holidaymakers who are interested in exercising meaning you’ll have a constant customer base and also enjoy the hotel facilities as well.

fitness personal trainer

Tour Guide

Tour guides can be found in lots of tourist destinations. It is a very interesting and rewarding profession where you’ll be able to meet people from several nationalities on a daily basis and learn about their cultures. You also get to show your country’s beautiful sites and share their history and heritage. You need to be able to interact with people and stay on your feet for most of the day.

Hotel Receptionist

A hotel receptionist job might seem mundane but it can actually be very rewarding. You can help people enjoy their stay in the hotel as you’ll be one of the first people they come in contact with when they arrive. Often with good performance you can end up being promoted into a managerial position. Being a hotel receptionist will give you great exposure and the opportunity to work in the best hotels and luxury accommodation in amazing locations.

The best thing about the service industry is that you can find countless job opportunities both for qualified and unqualified job seekers.