The Top 10 Business Leaders of All Time

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Consider the number of amazing entrepreneurs that have traversed or are still traversing the globe. It is not an easy thing to come up with a list of the top 10 business leaders of all time.

Business is not accessible, it is full of risks, and that is why a business leader is bound to either fail or succeed. The challenges of business notwithstanding, some individuals have been able to remain outstanding, here are the top 10 business leaders that great leadership development programs love to use as case studies:

  • Bill Gates: A brilliant mind and the brain behind Microsoft, this American genius had the dream of having a computer in every home, and he went about it aggressively with astounding success. The fact that Gates also emerged as one of the most prominent philanthropists on the planet has carved an admirable image for him. Today, he’s still making headlines with his leadership characteristics, if you’re after his success, you might want to follow the dare to lead program concepts that he has embraced.
  • Steve Jobs: This enigmatic genius did not invent the mobile phone, but he did reinvent it. He reinvented in a way that no one after him has been able to do so. You can find out more about his life here.
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  • Benjamin Franklin: Many have described Franklin as the first real entrepreneur in the United States. He had his hands in many pies and was into printing, writing, invention, and so on.
  • Henry Ford: The brain behind Model T automobile, Ford did not just launch cars; he also introduced far more efficient ways of doing business. He concentrated on the idea of minimizing the cost of production, and that enabled him to eventually make the car available for practically everyone in the country.
  • John Rockefeller: The very first American to become a billionaire, Rockefeller had a massive influence on the oil-driven economy of the United States in the 19th century. With his iconic Standard Oil, Rockefeller wielded so much power that his fortune alone was equal to a remarkable percentage of the entire country’s GDP. Rockefeller expanded his empire so much so that many felt it was just too large. After the end of his economic reign, the vast empire he built up had to be broken up into dozens of industries that still survive until today.
  • PT Barnum: This eccentric genius made his fortunes in the entertainment niche.
  • Sakichi Toyoda: Today, one of the most valuable brands on the planet is Toyota, but not many people know the story that is behind this iconic brand. It was the brainchild of no one but Sakichi Toyoda who sold the patent he had for an advanced loom. It was the money he made from the sale he used to start the Toyota empire.
  • Andrew Carnegie: The story of America’s greatness is not complete without mentioning Andrew Carnegie. This steel mogul lived a life that is still exemplary for today’s generations.
  • Walt Disney: The greatest testimony to the success of Walt Disney is the Disney business empire that he founded. It is now worth billions with branches in different sectors.
  1. Mukesh Ambani: Currently, the richest man in all of India, this billionaire business magnate has changed the way business is done especially with regards to how to penetrate mass markets.